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16 December
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22 November 2012
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best viewed through tears born from the pain of experience and understanding: the place of the spirit of eternity, where our loved ones depart to when they leave this life; to await us and create a place to receive us. The above describes only the gallery image; many other works in acryluc, oil, pastel, etc explorations of theWestern tradition of painting as genre in visual art. See many slideshows on my site and my many interviews for more about my work and myself.

8 N0vember, 2012
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My art attempts to make the invisible more visible; always near/er to the he/art of Creation, but never close enough yet; I am as much part of the reality of the dead as of the living. As I replied to the very kind message of Carol (Whipple): I never give titles to my work anymore - as I do notw ish to burden othgers with my thoughts, and wish to leave them the freedom of their own perceptions. But to this image I have a title. I am reminded of the Orpheus poems of Rilke. Well here goes: I...

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